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New Dub Mantra Release

California-based musician, producer, and intercultural collaborator Joss Jaffe released his follow up mantra album, Dub Mantra Sangha Remix, on July 16th 2018. This new work features 9 reimagined tracks from his critically acclaimed Dub Mantra Sangha. Joss teamed up with notable remix artists, Bluetech, Dubmatix, DJ Taz Rashid, Rara Avis formerly of Desert Dwellers & Robin Livingston formerly of MC Yogi, to take his sound a step further into pop-influenced dance music, mixing sounds from catchy EDM, traditional world sounds like reggae, and vocal driven songs focused on mantra. The album also features collaborations with various artists such as singer Donna De Lory, who has sung on albums for Carly Simon, Ray Parker, Jr., Kim Carnes, Santana, Madonna among many others, and Grammy-nominated sacred music composer & recording artist, Jai Uttal.

DUB: The Album unfolds in a dynamic way with each song offering an innovative perspective on Electronica moving through deep and dreamy tracks to high energy beats evoking AfroFuture and Tropical House with sounds of Kora (African Harp), world percussion and stirring horn arrangements.

MANTRA: Each song creates a bed for a different Mantra (a sacred word or sound that is believed to have a special or spiritual power) to develop and infuse the music with uplifting and healing energy.


SANGHA: Sangha is Sanskrit for community and Dub Mantra Sangha (Remix) is a magnificent manifestation of a global musical community. Award winning musicians, representing multiple languages, continents and musical styles have come together, collaborating their exceptional voices, musicianship, and instruments to create a unique musical sound, that is powerful, creative, spontaneous, and beautiful.


Album Released 07/16/18!


Press Reviews

No Depression 6/25/18

The Santa Cruz Sentinel 7/11/18

Vents Magazine 7/20/18

NeuFutur Magazine 10/7/18

Pens Eye View 11/13/18

LA YOGA​ 12/10/18

PreRelease Video!

Joss Jaffe -- Dub Mantra Sangha Remix-- Official PreRelease Video

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