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For Your Consideration
Best Immersive Audio Album
Sudama Mark Kennedy, Joss Jaffe & Montino Bourbon

Purrfection 44 with Sudama on cover.jpg


"Mysteriously opens your heart and brings you into a cozy loving resonance."


"A new age track of 44 minutes inspired by global music, where the mewing and purring of cats are also simulated by electronic instruments." – Le Journal de Montréal

"A joyous journey through the subconscious’s interaction with the world."

Montecito Journal

"Full Spectrum Soul Healing." – Voyage LA


Released in stunning, ultra-immersive Atmos, Purrfection 44 is pure a sound healing experience. Cat purr is a recognized and revered healing frequency, reducing stress and inflammation, particularly for joints and bones. Purrfection 44 is the most profound musical composition ever recorded in combination with cat purr. A deep relaxation journey,  Purrfection 44 is performed by Sudama Mark Kennedy, United Nations award winning healer and world music fusion pioneer. He is joined by Billboard Top-10 New Age artist Joss Jaffe, providing lush world music inspired soundscapes, and Montino Bourbon, master of the Sarode, the 25 stringed Indian lute. Since 1967 he has been a senior student of Sarode Maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, brother in law of Ravi Shankar famed for his seminal collaborations with the Beatles. Purrfection 44 showcases the artists’ graceful finesse as crafters of extended soundscapes, which was placed on a Spotify Editorial Playlist despite its unusual length for any playlist. Released by Multi-Grammy winning New Age label Be Why Music.

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Sudama Mark Kennedy

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Joss Jaffe








Montino Bourbon

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