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Joss' Teachings

Joss has developed a unique style of teaching that encourages students to experience the joy of their own voice in a safe and supportive environment. He draws from his own experiences and wisdom, as well as the techniques developed by master music teachers including Montino Bourbon. He works with all levels, helping each individual find their own voice and dive into the ocean of sound. Joss has taught in the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Hawaii and the United States including at retreat centers Esalen, Heartwood, Pema Osel Ling and Harbin Hot Springs.

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Joss has extensive teaching experience with his ongoing classes at Vox Mundi International School of the Voice. He has been an assistant teacher at California Institute of Integral Studies Certificate Sound Certificate Program, Dave Stringer’s Kirtan Flight School and Kristine Adam’s Fat Chance Belly Dance Workshops. He has accompanied Jai Uttal’s Kirtan Camp, Lorin Roche’s “Radiance Sutras” jams and Saul David Raye’s workshops.


“Joss Jaffe gives a joyful, powerful workshop that allows students to experience the beauty of their voices - even those of us with fears and insecurities about singing! The vibration was so high we practically floated out, feeling as if we could sing with Krishna’s gopis, making beautiful music. Joss is truly a gifted teacher.”
--Renée Tillotson, owner, Still & Moving Center



Opening the Voice:

An Introduction to Singing
Experience the power, joy and freedom of your own uninhibited voice. Joss guides even the shyest of singers through a fun, expressive vocal journey that incorporates songs, exercises, and mantras into a musical course in a safe, encouraging environment of self-discovery. This workshop is for all levels of singers but Joss particularly loves working with “the total beginner” helping them find their own voice through the joy of singing.

Finding Your Sa:
For beginners: Understanding the unique shape of your voice will establish a comfortable starting place – the ‘home’ for your voice. This class is best in small group sessions or one-on-one to discover the parameters and range of a student’s singing voice.
For more advanced students: Using Western and Indian music theory, Joss will teach you how to place your voice and selected music material within the proper register.


Tala & Rhythm:
Come and experience to the fundamental concepts of musical rhythm prevalent in India and around the world. Using spoken rhythmic words (Bols), rhythmic building blocks (Jatis), hand clapping and body percussion along with stories, demonstrations and movement exercises, Joss guides beginning students through a variety of techniques that allows them to experience the beauty of rhythm.


1 on 1 and small group classes: Joss has been teaching tabla for over 10 years. A student of tabla since 1995 Joss has been performing as a tabla player for over 20 years. Joss has accompanied master classes at the Ali Akbar College of Music, CIIS, and with flute Maestro G.S. Sachdev. Joss is classically trained at the Ali Akbar college of music since 1997 and has also studied with Zakir Hussain; he has been invited to perform with both Swapan Chaudhuri and Zakir Hussain in their tabla ensembles. He is well versed in Indian folk rhythms.

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